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My Pervy Family - Abby Somers


EARLY LEAK Abby Somers - Finger & Feel The Difference
Released: July 9, 2022

Sometimes you're on level 219, crushing enemies & chatting to gamers when your stepmom barges in. Rarely do these moments include a pocket booty masturbator, but such is my life. Yup, my stepmom Abby Somers noticed the charge on their credit card & found the toy and wants to talk now. Not good! Or so I (Diego Perez) thought at first...She tells me she likes anal and there is nothing wrong with a little exploration!? She says she wants me to have some experience and won't tell my dad as she takes off her jeans.

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Touch My Wife - Chanel Brooks


EARLY LEAK Chanel Brooks - Baby... Can He Cum In My Ass?
Early Release: July 15, 2022

We're finally going to do it. My wife Chanel Brooks and I are going to take the leap - she is going to fuck a stranger and let me watch. We got out to a club and a balck guy named Jamie Knoxx catches her eye, she convinces him to come back with us. I watch as he gropes & feels my wife, she seems to like it. She seems to like his thick black dick even more as she strokes & sucks it. My wife takes her panties off and lets this virtual stranger penetrate her tight pussy. He pounds my wife hard and makes her cum and then she sits on his fat cock and makes herself orgasm again...

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Black Massive Cocks - Stephanie Love


EARLY LEAK Stephanie Love - New In Town
Early Release: Jule 7, 2022

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My Pervy Family - Sydney Hail


EARLY LEAK Sydney Hail - Found My Stepmom's Fuck Video
Early Release: July 7, 2022

I (Brick Danger) have been fantasizing about my hot stepmom Sydney Hail for awhile now & today, I just went for it. She was laying in bed & I brought my big, hard cock in and started stroking it over her. She was shocked at first & questioned me, but couldn't stop staring at it either. I asked her to take off her blanket and she did. I told her to jerk my cock off and she listened to me. She started rubbing her MILF pussy as she stroked me. She was nice & wet when I penetrated her eager hole. Then she sucked all her stepmom juices off my throbbing cock. Her pussy clung to my cock as she rode me. I fucked in her doggy until she had an orgasm and then she let me cum all over her pretty face!

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Black Massive Cocks - Daisie Belle


EARLY LEAK Daisie Belle - Room Serviced
Released: June 30, 2022

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Black Massive Cocks - Artemisia Love


EARLY LEAK Artemisia Love - Class Is In Session
Released: June 23, 2022

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Black Massive Cocks - Ari Alectra


Ari Alectra - Keep The Water Hot
Released: June 17, 2022

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Touch My Wife - Vivianne DeSilva


EARLY LEAK Vivianne DeSilva - Wife Welcomes Our New Neighbor
Early Release: July 8, 2022

When a new neighbor moves next door, my wife Vivianne DeSilva has her eye on him. We invite him over to our pool and give him an opportunity to rub down my wife, which he takes right away. She's a little shy, but after James Angel has basically felt her up for a good 10 minutes, she's ready to loosen up. They start making out which leads to my wife wanting to see his cock which leads to her getting properly face-fucked. He licks & kisses my wife's pussy before sticking his big cock inside of her. James comes down heavy on my wife, making her big tits bounce as he fucks her. She climbs on top of our new neighbor & rides him until she cums hard. James takes my baby from behind, spanking her cute ass he slams her pussy. Vivianne let's our new neighbor spunk all over her face & swallows what she can. Can't say we aren't welcoming!

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Touch My Wife - Kiki Vidis


EARLY LEAK Kiki Vidis - Round # 2
Early Release: June 24, 2022

My hot little Aussie wife Kiki Vidis gets up from an orgasm-filled night with another man. He's in the shower and Kiki is still horny, but she's a little shy. I take her to the bathroom, knowing Filthy Rich isn't going to deny my petite bombshell. She gets in with him... they start kissing & making out which leads to Kiki jerking him off and then getting on her knees to put his fat dick in her mouth. We bend her over & inspect her pussy - it's dripping - before we take her back to the bedroom. I spread my wife's cheeks as Rich penetrates her with his big cock. I have to cover her mouth to keep her from moaning loudly as he thrusts her to orgasm. She bounces her cute little ass all over his dick, her pussy is totally soaked now. Rich power fucks my hotwife before pulling out and cumming all her over beautiful body.

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Touch My Wife - Mandy Rhea


EARLY LEAK Mandy Rhea - Creampie Finish For Father's Day Cuck
Early Release: June 17, 2022

I fucking love a woman in heels & a lowcut top headed for work. Especially my wife Mandy Rhea. I paid for those tits and they are AMAZING. But she won't let me have any right now. She says I have to wait until Father's Day & I'll get my surprise. The glorious day arrives and this MILF is barely wearing this hot new lingerie she bought for the special occasion. I'm getting all riled up when she reveals the REAL surprise. His name is Jonathan Jordan and he is hung! Mandy seems impressed with his big black cock as she struggles to fit in her mouth. The stud finally penetrates my wife & stretches her hole good, Mandy creams up all over his dick. She takes the time to slurp her own juices off his cock before climbing aboard it for another orgasm. Jonathan slams my wife hard, splitting her open & making her cum again before he nuts right inside her. Mandy shows off the load and lets it drip out her hole. Happy Father's Day!

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My Pervy Family - Syren De Mer


EARLY LEAK Syren De Mer - Who Knew My Step-Granny Was Nasty
Early Release: June 30, 2022

The good thing about living so close to my step-Gran Syren De Mer is that I (Johnny Love) never have to go far to get kitchen supplies. Cup of sugar, a little milk & all kindsa utensils practically right next door. When I go over there to grab a pan for mom, I'm a little surprised when my Syren wants me to stick around and chat. I'm more weirded out when she starts asking me about girls. Things take a different turn when pulls the Basic Instinct move on me!? I mean, Syren is hot for an older woman - great tits & a curvy body, plus her lacy panties were unexpected!

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My Pervy Family - Anna Claire Clouds


EARLY LEAK Anna Claire Clouds - Slutty Stepsis Perks
Early Release: June 23, 2022

Hoes are everywhere today! Including right here in my home. Her name is Anna Claire Clouds and she is my stepsister. She is hot as fuck. Hence her slanging that T & A online. But I (Diego Perez) am not a boomer, I got this figured out. When I show her the evidence, she chases me. She slobbers on my cock as sucks it, I knew this was going to be good! She slides her tight pussy down my cock and rides me like a real pro. I bang her hole from behind and watch that great ass ripple. I give it my best perfomance and really power fuck her, she liked it too - her twat was soaked! She even let me cum in her mouth and swallowed it all! Love it when a plan plays out perfectly.

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My Pervy Family - Karen Fisher


Karen Fisher - My New Job
Released: June 16, 2022

My new stepmom is such a Karen! She (Karen Fisher) is constantly on my case about finding a job. Like, I'll get one when I (Johnny Love) get one, OK!? It's not like she precuts my cantaloupe or anything. Anyway, I'm finally making some bacon on this camming site and guess who shows up?? My stepmom kinda freaks out when she sees my hard dick bobbing around, but I explain this is how I get paid - Karen seems intrigued. Boomers, right?? She watches me jerk off and I ask her to help me out. My dad hasn't fucked her in 6 months & she is horny. She strokes my cock, but it doesn't take me long to convince her to put it in her mouth. I stick my big dick in my stepmom's eager, wet beaver. Karen has massive tits and she lets me grip them as I pound her MILF hole. I take my stepmom in reverse cowgirl, squeezing her phat ass as I fuck her. I give Karen a few well-deserved orgasms before I unload my own cum into her warm pussy. This could be my new job, IF Karen cuts my cantaloupe right!

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My Pervy Family - Harley King


Harley King - Ahhh... Fuck It!
Released: June 11, 2022

Getting up next to my younger stepsister Harley King was terrifying! She says we only kissed, which is a relief. But I (James Angel) can't help thinking about 'What if...' when she gets into the shower. I spy on her getting her curves all soaped before I gather the courage to make my presence known. My stepsister doesn't hesitate to invite me in the shower with her. We start making out and then she drops to her knees to blow me. She deepthroats me before letting me penetrate her from behind. I think I made her cum fucking her like that and then I brought her back to the bedroom for more. Harley likes it hard and her cheeks wave & crest as I clap them from behind. My stepsister says I can cum inside her so I creampie her tight teen pussy!

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My Pervy Family - Demi Diveena


Demi Diveena - Payback Best Served Fucking Your Son
Released: June 9, 2022

When I (Diego Perez) get home and my fine new stepmom Demi Diveena is waiting with her arms crossed, I know I'm in some kinda shit. Demi knows about my dad cheating on her and she is grilling me about it. I confess I knew my dad was being a dog, thinking she'd go easy on me but she grounds me instead!? When she comes into my room later apologizing, I'm a little confused. She says if I film us fucking so she can show my dad, she will unground me. Honestly my stepmom is hot, so it doesn't take much for her to convince me... lol. She gets me to film while she teases me with her amazing ass. Demi pulls my cock out and sucks & licks it. My stepmom slides my shaft inside her hairy pussy and starts bouncing on me. I put on a show & pound her hard making my stepmother orgasm. I make sure to film myself unloading my cum right in her pussy. Moral of the story? If you cheat on your wife, she might fuck your son!

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Touch My Wife - Dixie Lynn


EARLY LEAK Dixie Lynn - Treat My Young Wife Like A Whore
Released: June 10, 2022

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults

My young wife Dixie Lynn is a freak who loves big cock. I have to keep her properly supplied if I hope to hold on to her. We sneak Dwayne Foxxx over to our place, this black guy we know who is hung! Once we're convinced the neighbors didn't see him - I start playing with her pussy, getting her revved up for the stud. He sucks my wife's perky little tits before she gets on her knees to try and swallow him - she can barely fit his thick meat in her stretched open little mouth.

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